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Aura Dance Theatre 'Godos'

Friday, 23 September, 2016 | Comments | Make A Comment

It's not often that you get to feature contemporary dance from Lithuania but here we are with one such company in the shape of Aura Dance Theatre, a company that has been creating works since 1980, that's 36 years folks.

The particular theme of this double bill is based on the very Lithuanian concept of Godos which is best described by the company themselves, such is its complexity;

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ProDance Leeds

Thursday, 11 August, 2016 | Comments | Make A Comment

For many years the provision of professional dance classes on a regular basis has vexed even the most well established dance organisations. Step forward five recent dance graduates Sarah Maria Cook, Kate Cox, Sofia Edstrand, Rachel Fullegar and Rebecca Holmberg, all from NSCD, and problem, almost, solved.

ProDance Leeds provides, at the moment, two very simple things, Regular and varied dance classes and workshops for professional dancers in Leeds. The message is so simple the groups website barely touches on the motivations for doing so, they simply provide as much practical information as possible about the up and coming classes and leave the artistic motivational fluff to everybody else.

We caught up with the classes while Kristina and Sadé Alleyne, currently creating their own work as well as performing with Akram Khan, were teaching class and Tomislav English was providing a weekend workshop.

For more information about ProDance Leeds check out there website for more information about up and coming classes and workshops.

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Muda Africa

Thursday, 21 July, 2016 | Comments | Make A Comment

Earlier this year Article19 was commissioned by Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater to make a short film about a project they had been involved since 2011 in Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania.

Funded by the European Union and the Norwegian Embassy the project run by MUDA Africa (MUDA is short for music and dance) provides formal dance training for young people in Dar Es Salaam so they can become professional dancers and forge their own career in the dance industry in East Africa.

The project is run from the Nafasi Arts Space in an industrial area of the city using, mainly, re-purposed shipping containers for a number of different artistic practices to take place. In the centre of the space is a dance floor open to the world on all sides and covered by a roof. When you train in 30C temperatures walls are less of an issue. It's within this space that the dance students do their practical training provided by a number of visiting teachers, company and practitioners.

MUDA Africa sya this much about their work;

"We at MuDa Africa believe that contemporary dance cultivates the individual and Time2Dance-Addcollective spirit of creativity, trust, cooperation, discipline and openness to change. These fundamental values and skills will help the youth of Tanzania become agents of positive change in the society."

You can find out more about the project at the link below.

[ MUDA Africa ]
[ Panta Rei Danseteater ]

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Verve 2016

Tuesday, 5 July, 2016 | Comments | Make A Comment

Verve are 10 years old, apparently, and for this outing of the post graduate company, from northern School of Contemporary Dance, of 12 dancers they are performing work by Anton Lachky, Renaud wiser, Efrosini Protopapa and Anthina Vahla. We caught up with the company at their final show for this tour at The Riley.

This year it is, for certain, an eclectic mix of pieces from an eclectic mix of dance makers. There's a bit of conceptual, a bit of theatre, a few props and a lot fo excellent movement from some highly skilled dancers.

Verve say this much about themselves and their work;


Almost Poetic, Anton Lachky, A celebration of young energy both real and surreal. What is normal for us and what is normal for them? Almost Poetic questions the nature of storytelling without words.

The Thin Veil, Renaud Wiser, A reflection on individuality and an exploration of the shifting dynamics between a person and a group. The Thin Veil observes the personal transformations that occur when individuals are confronted with different influences.
Thank You For Coming, Efrosini Protopapa, Partly set and partly improvised, Thank You For Coming explores the pleasures and peculiarities of parties and social gatherings. Through a series of games, the performers invite the audience to enter an absurd world and to imagine a celebration of all celebrations.
A Soft Target, Athina Vahla, What are we consenting to? Inspired by Edward Bernay's The Engineering of Consent, the work explores a map of our desires and how they can be played upon us. A Soft Target manipulate perceptions through imagery and a disjointed physical language.

For our feature we bring you lots of the work and interviews with company dancer Clémentine Télesfort and company AD Gianluca Vincentini. If you want to see these works then you can't because the tour is over for the year and the dancers have moved on already but keep an eye for them in the wide world of dance.

Verve 2016 was performed by Rob Anderson, Iris Borràs Anglada, Joshua Tarifa Nuñez,
Clémentine Télesfort, Fay Tan, Kai Tomioka, Stefania Pinato, Holly Steppel, Anna Fooks, Chris Hurst, Amarnah Amuludun and Jake Evans.

Filmed at The Riley Theatre on June 24th, 2016.

[ Company Website

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Panta Rei Danseteater 'Lullaby'

Thursday, 2 June, 2016 | Comments | Make A Comment

Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater, late last year, conducted a little experiment whereby three dance makers created two pieces with the same name based on the same idea, featuring three male dancers and two musicians, to see what the outcome was.

That outcome can be seen in 'Lullaby' parts one and two created by the company directors Anne Ekenes and Pia Holden and Canadian dance maker Hélène Blackburn, currently the AD of Cas Publique.

The company tell us this much about the work;

"A striking dance theatre production with a cast of three dynamic and committed young male dancers which explores progressively friendship, joshing, friction, needling and aggressive behavior, and the dynamics of mediation between bickering factions. Lullaby provides a thought-provoking and contemporary metaphor for current international politics.
"How I wished during those sleepless hours that I belonged to a different nation, or better still, to none at all. Is constant movement the solution? Between night and day, is there still a lullaby that can comfort me?
How I wished during those sleepless hours that I woke up from a bad dream. Is constant laughter the solution? Between night and day, is there a moment of relief we still can find comfort in?"
The work will be on tour in Europe later this year again and if you want more information check out the company's website for details.

'Lullaby' is performed by Matias Rønningen, Johnny Autin, Robert Guy with music by Gustavo Tavares and Sverre Indris Joner.

Filmed at Samfunhusset, Moss, Norway on September 19th, 2015.

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Gary Clarke Company 'Coal'

Friday, 13 May, 2016 | Comments | Make A Comment

Back in the 1980s there was a period of trouble and lots of it when the Conservative government of the day, led by one Margaret Thatcher, decided that coal mining was an industry in need of some serious meddling, along with the unions that handled the miners who worked in the pits (as they were often called in the UK) themselves.

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Tom Dale Company 'Digitopia'

Thursday, 7 April, 2016 | Comments | Make A Comment

Such is the way of things in the wider world of dance that it has been almost three years since we last featured a piece of work from Tom Dale Dance. on that occasion it was Refugees of the Septic Heart and this time out it is a work for children entitled 'Digitopia'.

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Southpaw Dance Company 'Speakeasy'

Thursday, 24 March, 2016 | Comments | Make A Comment

Time for a little Break Dance Theatre here in TheLab™ with Southpaw Dance Company and a preview performance of their work 'Speakeasy' featuring break dancers, swing dancers, motion tracking video graphics and the Devil himself.

Adapted from an outdoor work into a full length dance piece the work is based on the story of Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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Northern School of Contemporary Dance 'Graduation 2015'

Thursday, 17 March, 2016 | Comments | Make A Comment

Sometimes, here in TheLab™, things can get a little bit delayed and this particular video feature has been delayed since June of last year when we filmed the graduating class of 2015 of Northern School of Contemporary Dance. All of these dancers are now in the wild, so to speak, finding their way in the wide world of dance.

But, history is history so the feature is still important. Within our trio of features we bring you one work from Avatâra Ayuso 'A Brief History Of The World In 3 Acts', Ben Dukes untitled work about dance students graduating from a dance school (geddit) and 5 solos, count 'em, from the students themselves. Ben Dukes work did have an option for filling in the name of your favourite dancer in the programme and that would become the title of the piece.

It is perhaps the solos that really speak to the nature of a dance student however. Willing to put yourself out there, all on your own, in front of your peers and a paying audience. All dancers know that particular kind of fear, none dance folk should try it sometime, just to get a feel of it, so in this day and age these dancers are commendable for that alone.

For obvious reasons these works are not on tour so you can't see them anywhere else but they will remain here for all time for you, our dear readers, to peruse.

The dancers in Ben Dukes work are Solange Balde, Natasha Harrison, Josh Hutchby, Tiaa-Maaria Ojala, Phoebe Ophelia Douthwaite, Lilly Pohlmann, Lauren Trim and Alice Shepperson. For Avatâra Ayuso the dancers were Robert Anderson, Steven Charnock, Elliot Thompson, Davide Troiani, Liam Wallace, Josh Wild and Cristian Zevallos Villavicencio (this owrk was performed on alternate evenings by a group of male and female dancers). The solos are performed by Anna Fooks, Tiia-Maaria Ojala, Stanley West, Zoe Bradley and Robert Anderson.

Filmed at The Riley theatre in Leeds on June 10th 2015.

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Company Chameleon 'Dancing Partners'

Tuesday, 1 March, 2016 | Comments | Make A Comment

Manchester based Company Chameleon recently played host to three dance companies at The Lowry Theatre for a week of collaboration, workshops, teaching and performances. For this evening of work Company Chameleon presented 'Hands Down', a work normally performed outdoors.

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