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Lost Dog 'The Rain Parade'

Wednesday, 17 June, 2009 | Comments | Make A Comment

The end of the world is not going to be pretty. Finding a parking space is going to be a lot easier but on the whole things are going to be rather unpleasant, especially if you like social networking or doing anything that involves more than two people!

Lost Dog are exploring just such a theme in their duet 'The Rain Parade' performed for the last time on its current tour at the Lowry Theatre in Manchester.

In telling the story the company use the classic cinematic "MacGuffin" principal. We're not told what has caused civilization to come crashing down or where all the people have gone. 'The Rain Parade' concerns itself with how the two central characters deal with the situation and the mysterious folks who appear to be watching them.

The company say of this work;

This blackly comic and provocative new duet looks forward to the end of the world. Mankind's last three survivors are left trying to make sense of what happened and piece together some kind of coherent history - but they can't remember much and they can't agree on anything.

Is this really all there is to show for mankind's great civilization?

For the moment 'The Rain Parade' is on a break from touring but may be back later in the year. The company themselves are plotting new works and they should see the light of day in the Autumn.

Keep your eyes on their website for more information.

Our video feature includes footage from the show and an interview with both Ben Duke and Raquel Meseguer.

'The Rain Parade' is performed by Ben Duke and Raquel Meseguer with music by Jamie McCarthy.

[ Lost Dog Website ]

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Verve 09

Monday, 23 February, 2009 | Comment | Make A Comment

Sometimes when you go to the theatre to see some new work all you're really looking for is the opportunity to see someone enjoying their craft. We often use the term "dance maker" on Article19. We like it because it suggest to us, here in TheLab™, people diligently working to piece together movement, phrase by phrase like a Swiss watchmaker building a Tag-Heur.

That's what we have here with Verve 09, a group of dancers and dance makers enjoying their craft. Verve is a graduate company, based at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, but they could probably give most seasoned dance companies a run for their money.

For their tour Verve have a collection of 6 new works by Milan Kozánek, Filip Van Hufel, Glenn Wilkinson, Katie Baldwin, Jennifer-Lynne Crawford and Leanne Pike.

For you, our dear readers, we have 'Niners' (video one) by Glenn Wilkinson and 'This is not a love song' (video two) by Filip Van Hufel. During their long tour the company will perform a mixed bill of various combination's of the six pieces.

for 'Niners' the press speak says;

Divided into nine equal sections the choreography derives its inspiration from the 'Family of Essences'. Each section of the sound score corresponds with a colour; the movement is a direct response to the sound and the colour it represents. This gives each segment its own particular mood, lending the whole an almost disjointed yet united structure.

'This is not a love story' has this to say;

In This is not a love song eleven dancers meet, interact, play and struggle. They are assembled on a physical playground, performing abstract movement material layered with theatrical intention and extreme physicality.

Dancers are: Christina Robinson, Jaeyun Kim, Jessica Hothersall, Jimin Park, Judith Clijsters, Kristina Alleyne, Leigh Pearce, Nathalie Wahlberg, Nicholas Keegan, Peri Warren and Robert Goodby.

Verve will be touring through July. Their next show is at the Mermaid Arts Centre on March 7th followed by the Showroom Theatre in Chichester on March 11th. Full touring details in the PDF embedded below and you can keep up with the company via the NSCD website.

[ NSCD Website ]
[ Verve 08 on Article19 ]
[ Verve 07 on Article19 ]

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Mad Dogs Dance Theatre

Monday, 2 February, 2009 | Comment | Make A Comment

With a name like Mad Dogs Dance Theatre you can throw out any expectations of demure, wafty dance making. 'Beast' is a good old fashion throw back to the days of Euro Crash, when choreography was, to be blunt, just a little bit brutal.

It's hardly surprising considering the theme of the work which is all about rage and what happens when it takes over and the beast of the title is released.

The style of dance making is a little bit surprising however since Douglas Thorpe, the creator, has spent his time working with the likes of Arthur Pita, Javier Du Frutos and Henri Oguike, non of whom you could describe as being brutal in their dance making in any way!

The work was derived from an extended residency at Yorkshire Dance and is, as yet, not a full blown touring work. If and when it does we will let you now but for the moment you should bug Yorkshire Dance in Leeds if you want some more information about this particular creation.

'Beast' is also a good illustration to dance students about why you need to do your cardio work. If you don't, you're never going to make it to end of a work like this.

It would be great to see it extended and fully fleshed out, a great addition to the mix in the UK's wacky world of dance.

'Beast' is performed by Lisa Welham, Kevin Turner, Ana Lujan Sanchez, Tiia Ourilla, Anthony Missen and Dane Hurst with music by Jaydev Mistry.

[ Yorkshire Dance ]

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Candoco 'Still'

Tuesday, 27 January, 2009 | Comments | Make A Comment

Candoco Dance Company kick off 2009 with their new works by Hofesh Shechter and Nigel Charnock. An interesting mix of the new and old, a bit of calming chaos versus the slightly unhinged!

We all know about Mr Shechter, if you don't then where have you been for the last 12 months? With Candoco he's showing a different side though with 'The Perfect Human'. It's a more subtle work that never raises its voice beyond a whisper but retains some of the ubiquitous dance makers sense of humour.

In press speak we have this;

"The piece starts by presenting us with the perfect human and ends with an anxious getaway with helicopter sounds looming above. Apart from its dense character other strong aspects of this piece are the contagious music - which alternates between rhythmic drums and lyrical classical music - and the relentless movement that is carried throughout."

Nigel Charnock on the other hand is, after 20 years in the dance world, still raising hell with his signature blend of comedy, loud music, bad language and sharp movement and the audience, to their credit, still love it. It's appropriate then that his work for Candoco is called, simply enough, 'Still'.

Press jargon describes this work thus;

"In the piece Still audiences get the chance to experience a very theatrical style of contemporary dance. Still is anything but. Nigel Charnock's patchwork of ideas takes the dancers in a constant whirl guided by his eclectic choice of music. There are microphones and music boxes, knickers and bondage, love and death."

'Still' and 'The Perfect Human' are performed by; Annie Hanauer, Chris Owen, Bettina Carpi, Victoria Malin, Elinor Baker, Darren Anderson and Cornelia Kip Lee.

Candoco will continue touring through to April. Their next show is at The Brewhouse in Taunton on January 29th. Full details and more touring info on the company's tour microsite.

Bonus Footage

This footage was shot during the after show discussion and features Stine Nilsen, one of Candoco AD's and the dancers discussing the company and their work.

[ Candoco Microsite ]
[ Candoco Company Website ]

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SSCD 'Hard Rain'

Friday, 9 January, 2009 | Comments | Make A Comment

Almost during the last breath of 2008 we, here in TheLab™, caught our final show of 2008, the end of year show from the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance featuring the 3rd year and degree level students from the Dundee based school.

SSCD took a slightly different path with an evening length work 'Hard Rain', running to almost 90 minutes, choreographed by the schools director Peter Royston and former student Sara Blanc and taking full advantage of the schools cavernous performance space.

As you would expect with two choreographers there is a mix and match of creative ideas going on in here. You have theatrical set pieces, straight up dance making and more besides all tied together with a mix of pre-recorded and live music the latter of which was provided by local band Whiteheath.

SSCD excels at giving its students the chance to get their teeth into a lot of choreography and prove their performing prowess to a live audience. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't (as with most evening length works) but the dancers hold their own and show a tremendous amount of skill throughout.

Also, how many times do you see a dance school performing with excellent live music? Or live music at all for that matter?

Obviously there will be no touring (SSCD does have a graduate touring company called The Space Cadets though!) but keep your eyes on the schools website for future shows.

Dancers. Lyndsey Allan, Urszula Bernat, Morna Bettesworth, Jennifer Bloe, KIM brymer, Juta Campbell, Emma Christie, Sian Davies, Aileen Dick, Chloe Eves, Jennifer Framer, Sarah Geraghty, Cheryl Gill, Agathe Girard, Jemma Hill, Catriona Horne, Rachel Howie, Aaron Jeffrey, John Kendall, Heather Kirkwood, Mathew Lackford, Claire Lornie, Abigail Lawman, Sarah Macdonald, Melissa Macgillavray, Jenna Mcgurk, Zoe Mclinden, Victoria Miles, Keiran Robb, Gillian Robertson, Samantha Ronaldson, Elizabeth \ryder, Hannah Seignor, Leigh Thomson and Jodie Walsh

[ SSCD Website ]

HD Video: This feature is a first for Article19 because it is the first performance we have filmed in High Definition.

For various technical reasons that we won't go into here what you actually get is not really HD though so we call it HDs, as in High Definition Sourced.

What that means is the video you get is higher quality, in terms of picture detail, than normal but it is not full HD. A feature article will soon explain all.

At the moment this is an experiment and future video features will revert back to the usual format for now. File sizes are significantly larger than our previous video features so you may experience a delay before the video begins playing. We will let you know as soon as HD becomes standard on Article19.

Look out for a feature article on HD video online on Monday (Jan 12th).

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Dance T. Ireland 'Under the Roof'

Sunday, 16 November, 2008 | Comments | Make A Comment

Part two of our feature from Dance Theatre Ireland's new touring repertory is 'Under the Roof' created by South Korean dance maker In-young Sohn as part of the collaboration between DTI and Now Dance.

This works shares a very similar dynamic to the first piece of the evening 'Parallel Horizons' and includes dancers from both companies interacting as if they had been working together their entire working lives!

Classy performances all round. The work really does need to be seen live to appreciate the expansive nature of the thing. Music is, as with the other piece, performed live by a small ensemble of musicians.

DTI say of 'Under the Roof';

"Under the Roof represents home, a place where we rest, wrap our solitude, or can be soothed and revitalized. In the course of one day the work unfolds exposing the nature of our collective and individual spirits.

Under the Roof is where we learn to share (or not) and where it's possible to be supported. From under the roof we go out into the world, and from under the roof we learn it is possible to achieve the impossible, we receive our sustenance. What other things happen under that roof?"

'Under the Roof' is performed by Lise Manavit, Jazmin Chiodi, Alexandre Iseli, Byung Hwa Kim, Jon Morley, Min Young Park, Ju Jin Shin and Seung Kwan Yoo. Music is by RII Woo Lee performed by Nick Bailey, II Woo Lee, Bo-mi Kim and Rory Pierce.

DTI are currently touring the Republic of Ireland for the next month. Check their website for updates on 2009 performances.

NB: The programme credits this work to Dance Now. We have listed the piece under Dance Theatre Ireland for reader convenience.

[ DTI Company Website ]
[ 'Parallel Horizons' on Article19 ]

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Dance T. Ireland 'Parallel Horizons'

Sunday, 16 November, 2008 | Comments | Make A Comment

Almost two years ago to the day we last featured Dance Theatre of Ireland (DTI) with in house works from the company directors Loretta Yurick and Robert Connor, Charles Linehan bringing up the rear with his outside influence. This time out DTI have hooked up with Now Dance from South Korea for a new double bill.

'Parallel Horizons' is the in house part of the puzzle and the first part of our double feature. Created by Loretta Yurick and Robert Connor the piece features dancers from both DTI and Now Dance.

It's a swirling mass of dance making with dancers taking advantage of the entire stage as they move in intricate patterns in and around one another accompanied all the while by some excellent live music (a rarity these days for contemporary dance).

DTI prove without doubt that they are very much the hidden gem of contemporary dance in Europe (one of many we might add). Since the company are based in the Republic of Ireland overseas touring, even just across the Irish Sea to the mainland UK, is a huge expense.

If someone at the British Council could, let's say, do their job then DTI might be able to make it over the water and share this work and 'Under the Roof' with the UK public at large! Make it so!

DTI say of this creation;

"In beginning the work of Parallel Horizons for this project, we were influenced by several things: the common experiences in the history of both the cultures (both have been occupied, both have a North/South division, both have experienced separation). Musically, we wanted to draw strongly on elements of Irish and Korean music, sounds and instrumentation.

We identified with strong Korean and Irish rhythms and noticed as well the sense of melancholy or sadness that is common to both Korean and Irish music. We share this in our musical heritage....and both the sadness and the strong rhythms are part of this work. The rhythms are strong, the people are strong. Resilient. That's what that means to us. Soft and strong both.

Both countries share a rich poetic history. On our first trip to Korea we read Ko Un one of Korea's major poets and we took inspiration from a particular book of short poems by Ko Un translated in English as "Flowers of a Moment".

There are several poems that inspired this work, one particular poem that influenced a section we made for the women, they are on cushions... "If I Lie down I'll be done for...an ailing animal desperately staying standing all day long. It's been that kind of a day in the world, my dear." Don't we all know this feeling? We wanted to visit the interior. The survivor. And show the face of it.

The music is composed with elements of traditional instrumentation placed in a contemporary context. In some cases the music was created in response to the dance, in other places the music informed the mood of the dance. The music supports the dance, and deeply influences the way the audience experiences the dance; much in the way that image and sound work in cinema."

'Parallel Horizons' is performed by Lise Manavit, Jazmin Chiodi, Alexandre Iseli, Byung Hwa Kim, Jon Morley, Min Young Park, Ju Jin Shin and Seung Kwan Yoo. Music is by Rory Pierce performed by Nick Bailey, II Woo Lee, Bo-mi Kim and Rory Pierce.

DTI are currently touring the Republic of Ireland for the next month. Check their website for updates on 2009 performances.

[ DTI Website ]
[ 'Under the Roof' on Article19 ]

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Galili Dance 'Fragile' & 'Upper Room'

Monday, 3 November, 2008 | Comments | Make A Comment

First time feature alert here on Article19 as Galili Dance from Holland, run by Israeli dance maker Itzik Galili, bring not one, or two, or even three pieces of work for us here in TheLab™.

You can catch 'Peeled' (the fourth work) performed by Diversions Dance Company, created by Mr Galili, over there on the right and 'six' is available in a video feature all of its own as well.

In this feature we bring you two short segments of video. The first is the 'The Upper Room Project' a "specially crafted" version of a solo piece;

"developed through a residency with Merseyside Dance Initiative and Galili Dance. For four days in September this year, six locally based dancers worked with Itzik and Helena to develop the piece. Normally a solo, this evening sees the work performed as a quintet for the first time."

The second work featured is a striking duet called 'Fragile' that takes place almost entirely within a thin strip of light on the center of the stage. Some old school, unhurried dance making is in evidence as the two dancers move smoothly in and around one another. It's the kind of choreography that makes many a professional wince because you know how hard it is.

'The Upper Room Project' is performed by Holli-Ann Coleman, Fenfen Huang, Jenna Jungbluth, Jenny Rees and Jennifer Smith with choreography by Itzik Galili and music by Percossa.

'Fragile' is performed by Natalia Rodina and Leonardi Centi with Music by Gavin Bryars

You can catch this work live in the UK at the Taliesin Arts Centre in Swansea, Wales. The company perform in Holland on December 6th. Check their website for details.

[ Galili Dance Website ]
[ 'six' on Article19 ]
[ 'Peeled' on Article19 ]

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Galili Dance 'six'

Monday, 3 November, 2008 | Comments | Make A Comment

Our second feature from Galili Dance of Holland features the work 'Six'. As you might expect there are six dancers in the work but also, as you would not expect at all, 5 dancers pushing large black boards around.

The boards have the effect of breaking the space up into smaller segments so the dancers can appear or disappear at will. A signature part of Itzik Galili's dance making involves precision timing to the music which is in evidence throughout this piece.

Also in evidence is the superb lighting design that gives Peter Mumford (of Siobhan Davies Dance Company fame) a run for his money. Many dance works are ruined by poor lighting but in the Dutch company's pieces the design is spot on (I sincerely hope that wasn't a pun? Ed!)

As the company's own press blurb states, the dancers never stop, continuing to move throughout the 16 minute work, barely even pausing for breath.

In press speak the company tells us this much;

"Through an ever changing architectural 'modernist' landscape bursts human energy, warmth and earthy passion. The dancers move incessantly, playing with form, structure and time - a visually beautiful work to mesmerize and carry you far away.

The accent is on the position of the individual in space. With this, Galili refers to two elemets often used in his work through different means - perspective and perception."

You can catch this work live in the UK at the Taliesin Arts Centre in Swansea, Wales. The company perform in Holland on December 6th. Check their website for details

'six' is performed by Gaetano Badalamenti, Leonardo Centi, Arnaud Macquet, Marco Purcaro, Aimee Lagrange, Jahana Lemarchand, Natalie Rodina, Silvia Albanese Valle, Helena Volkov and Natalia Zinchenko with choreography by Itzik Galili. Music by Steve Reich.

[ Galili Website ]
[ 'Peeled' on Article19 ]

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Diversions 'Peeled'

Monday, 3 November, 2008 | Comments | Make A Comment

Last time we featured Diversions Dance Company was back in 2006 with a feature from British Dance Edition in Leeds. This time out we caught up with them in Liverpool performing 'Peeled' created by Israeli (based in Holland) dance maker Itzik Galili.

The work is best described, we think, as a relentless piece of choreography defined by some superb lighting design (by Mr Galili himself). As the dancers shift through the space they are guided, or so it appears, by blocks of light. It's all very reminiscent of a sliding puzzle game, giant size with live dancers.

Exhibiting superb timing throughout the dancers weave their way through the illuminated puzzle piece with precision. Although the work is just 18 minutes long by the end the dancers are exhausted which illustrates just how tough this work is mentally and physically.

The company say of this piece;

"Peeled is a dynamic choreography for ten dancers. Coming from a subtext/solo about the search for self confidence which was developed through improvisation and provocative manipulation by dancer Jussi Nousiainen and Itzik Galili. Musical typewriters provide and insistent atmospheric backdrop as well as a powerful lighting plan. This latter accentuates space, scenarios and perception."

At present there are no plans for any more performances of this work but keep your eye on the company's website for more touring details as we go into the new year.

'Peeled' is performed by; Lee Johnston, Karol Cysewski, Eleesha Drennan, Stefanos Bizas, Maria Hayday, Sun Hee Dieben, Yuval Lev, Viivi Keskinen, Riccardo Vitello and Nancy Nerantzi with choreography by Itzik Galili and music by Percossa.

[ Diversions Website ]
[ Galili Website ]

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